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Course Overview:

In this course, you will discover the explosive dynamics of bringing voice and data together on a single network. You will learn How SIP Phone has evolved; review the typology, architecture, SIP, SDP and RTP protocols including different implementations.

The course participants will setup IP Phone and register to a Softswitch, define different services and applications which are widely used by SMB and large Enterprise.

Each one of the participants will access sophisticated Softswitch which will be on the same network for generating end-to-end IP telephony and Video calls. Using the Wireshark each participant will experience the usage of the Wireshark to analyse the various protocols.



Basic knowledge of:

- IP Networks

- Basic telephony


Lecturer: Eyal Tomer

Mr. Eyal Tomer is senior lecturer at Logtel for the last 9 years. Eyal Tomer has more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunication technology, particularly in Telephony and VoIP. 

Eyal Tomer is the founder of ICVision and provides outsourcing services as the CTO to Gama Operations (which is specialized in the Cyber area, Encryption and security of telecommunication).

Between the years 2007 and 2012 Eyal worked at Tadiran Telecom as the Product Manager of advanced Softswitch and VoIP innovative solutions. Prior to Tadiran Telecom, Eyal worked at Lucent as a project manager and was the leader of the Integration team for a Cable telephony project in Israel.

Prior to Lucent, Eyal worked at Arelnet, which was later acquired by Airspan (which is specialized in the WiMax technology). At Arelnet, Eyal was responsible for the Product Management activities and for designing the new VoIP product line. During his work at Arelnet, Eyal cooperated with Intel, implementing a Carrier-Grade VoIP project including SS7 infrastructure. Before this, Eyal was the Product Department Manager of RADCOM Ltd., one of the leaders of advanced VoIP test-solutions. Eyal also served for 9 years as part of the R&D team at Telrad Networks Ltd. 

Mr. Tomer holds a B.Sc. degree in Electronics and Communications from Tel-Aviv University, Israel

Course Content:

Day 1 – 9.00-16.00

1. SIP Introduction

• What is Session Initiation Protocol

• The Incentive

• SIP Components

• SIP Servers (Proxy, Registrar, Redirect, Location)

2. SIP architecture

• Protocol Stack

• SIP Transactions and response codes

• Addressing format

• DTMF and VoIP (In-Band and Out of Band methods)


• Internet Multimedia Protocol Stack

• RTP Structure

• RTCP Profile and structure

• CRTP and Bandwidth consumption

4. Hands-on Session: Real Time Registration capture analysis (using Wireshark)

• Setting and registration process

• CA List Configuration

• Network parameters and Account setting

• Compression setting (Codecs) and QoS setting

• Real Time Call setup capture analysis (using Wireshark)

• Digest Authentication process analysis

5. QoS and QoE challenges for SIP Telephony

• Definitions and terms

• The need for QoS

• Solutions to provide QoS

6. SIP and Media Compression methods

• Coders types and Bandwidth utilization

• Side effects due to compression


Day 2 – 9.00-16.00

7. SIP Protocol structure

• SIP Timers for reliability

• Forking Methods

• Provisional Response Acknowledge method

8. Session Description Protocol

• SDP Main tasks

• SDP Messages

• Mandatory fields and optional fields

9. SIP based Softswitch and Class 5 services

• REFER: Call Transfer using REFER

• SIP new methods and Supplementary Services

• Presence and Instant Messaging

• Conference – SIP Call flow analysis

10. Hands-on Session - Real Live CaptureAnalysis

• Session Description Protocol Analysis

• RTP Capture analysis

• Payload type analysis

• RTCP Capture analysis

• Secured and Non secured conference

• DTMF over IP – Real Live capture analysis

11. SIP Trunking Overview

• Introduction

• What is SIP Trunk

• SIP trunk Challenges

• References and relevant RFC

12. SIP and Telephony networks

• SCTP- Stream Control Transmission Protocol

• SCTP and adaptation Layers

• SIP-T and SIP-I (ISUP encapsulation and mapping)


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