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  • Info: 2 day course
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Applied Cryptography & Secure Communication: the usage of encryption techniques to ensure Data Confidentiality and Data Integrity


Course Overview

The course is divided to one day of overview on the crypto algorithms used for data confidentiality and data integrity and their usage, and the second day is devoted to security protocols that are using these algorithms. (Note: there is an option for a one day seminar on encryption algorithms)

Lecturer: Dr. David Movshovitz

Dr. David Movshovitz is a software engineering and information security expert. He is a senior lecturer at LOGTEL and he is teaching academic courses on Web-Application-Security and on Developing Secure Applications in Inter Disciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzalia. Dr. Movshovitz headed a R&D team in the IDF that has earned the Israeli Defense Award for professional excellence. After his departure from the military, Dr. Movshovitz has served in senior R&D positions in the Hi-Tech industry (e.g. Elscint, Taldor Group, F5 Networks). Dr. Movshovitz was a co-founder and VP R&D at Algotec Systems Ltd. that was acquired by Kodak, and a CTO and VP R&D of Magnifire Ltd. that has developed a Web Application Firewall and was acquired by F5 Networks. Dr. Movshovitz earned his doctorate in Physics from Bar-Ilan University.

CV available here.

Course Content:

1. Introduction (1 hour)

•          Confidentiality, Data-Integrity and Non-repudiation - terminology

•          Attack types

•          Information security requirements

2. Encryption & Confidentiality (4-5 Hours)

•          Cryptography Fundamentals

-           One Time Pad

-           Brute-Force attacks and key-size

•          Symmetric and non symmetric encryption

•          Symmetric stream ciphers

-          Algorithms (RC4)

•          Symmetric block ciphers

-           AES algorithm

•          Symmetric block encryption modes

-           ECB

-           CBC

-           CTR

•          Non-symmetric encryption

-           DH Algorithm

-           RSA Algorithm

•          Hybrid Encryption

3. Digital Signatures and Data-Integrity (2 Hours)

•          Crypto hash functions and Message Digest

•          MAC (Message Authentication Code)

-          HMAC

-          CMAC & OMAC

•          Digital signatures

4. Authenticated Encryption & GCM (1 hour)

5. PKI & Authentication (3-4 Hours)

•          Certificates (X.509 and extensions)

•          Certificate Authority

-           Trusted Root CA

-           Intermediate CA

•          CRL

•          OCSP (RFC 6960)

-           OCSP Stapling

6. SSL and HTTPS (3-4 Hours)

•          Perfect forward secrecy

•          SSL design goals

•          SSL Record Layer protocol

•          SSL Handshake

•          SSL Alert protocols

•          SSL Cipher suites

•          SSL Vesions

7. Summary




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