Cellular networks - from 2G to 5G

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Cellular networks - from 2G to 5G By Mr. Yuval Elgavish


Course Overview:

This comprehensive seminar goes through the Architecture and Procedures of a Modern Cellular Network from 2G to 5G, with an emphasis being put on the network side. It covers RF Access aspects, as well as the Circuit & Packet Core Network aspects, and Value-Added-Services. The course mainly focuses on the 3GPP technologies evolution - GSM/UMTS/LTE -  yet with some details and comparison to the CDMA2000 world. It starts from cellular concepts, thru network architecture, and thru end-to-end processes (e.g. call setup, roaming voice/data , handovers, authentication…). The last chapter is dedicated to the 5G a new concept that will shape the next generation of mobile systems.  It will review the 5G cutting-edge technologies and architecture like heterogeneous networks, device-to-device communications as well as Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and virtualization methods like SDN and NFV.


Lecturer: Mr. Yuval Elgavish

Mr. Elgavish is a lecturer at LOGTEL having more than 25 years of extensive Hi-Tech experience working with worldwide telecom vendors, Operators and customers.

Mr. Elgavish brings with him both technological as well as business extensive knowledge. Mr. Elgavish is currently the Owner and GM of GaT-Tech, providing consultancy and project management services to Israeli companies. He also held executive management positions in several Israeli cellular, communications, Web and medical devices high tech companies. Mr. Elgavish graduated the IDF academy of computer sciences (MAMRAM) and the Tel Aviv University School of Business Administration (Lahav program) and holds a B.Sc. in Computer Sciences from Bar-Ilan University.


Course Content:

1.         Wireless Technologies Orientation

•          The Cellular World - Some Interesting Facts

•          Main Cellular Organizations and Players


2.         Cellular Networks Concept

•          Cellular system basic elements

•          Operational Concept

•          Common Cell Types

•          Radio Access Technologies

•          Over The Air (OTA) Interface Concepts


3.         2G to 4G Cellular Generations Evolution

•          2G - GSM / CDMA and Other Technologies

•          2.5G - GPRS / CDMA-1xRTT

•          3G – UMTS-HSPA / CDMA2000-EVDO

•          4G – LTE


4.         Networks Architecture Main Concepts

•          The Cellular Access and Core Topology

•          Radio Access Network (RAN) elements

o          Base Station and Base Station Controller (BSC)

o          Cell Types: Omni, Sectored, Tiered

o          Small Cells

•          Core networks elements

o          The Switching and Gateway elements – MSC and GMSC

o          Cellular Databases: HLR / VLR / AuC / EIR

o          Circuit Switch (Sc) and Packet Switch (PS) architecture

o          Evolution towards all IP network


5.         2G to 4G radio technologies - High Level Review

•          Multi Access Radio Technologies (FDMA, TDMA, CDMA, OFDMA)

•          Modulation and Encoding Techniques

•          The Air Interface


6.         Network Services

•          2G Voice Services

•          SMS

•          Data Services in 2G to 4G networks

•          LTE voice service solutions – VoLTE


7.         System Scenarios Overview

•          Synchronization

•          Cell Procedures (Cell Selection, Connecting, Paging)

•          RRC States

•          Mobile call setup

•          Packet data session setup


8.         Mobility Management

•          Idle Mode Tracking and Registration (Location Area, Routing Area, Tracking Area)

•          Handover mechanisms


9.         2G to 4G security principles


10.       International Roaming Principles


11.       The 5G and Further Enhancements

•          SON – Self Organizing Network

•          Rel-13 and Beyond

•          5G vision and approach overview

o          Virtualization – SDN, NFV

o          IOT

o          HetNets 2020

o          ICN – Information Centric Networking




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