Power of the Pen - Graphic Facilitation Workshop

  • Unde: București
  • Când: 08 iunie 2015, ora 09:00
  • Info: 8-9 iunie
Conferinta Agora

Scribble School & Acknowledge Romania invite you to:
Power of the Pen
Graphic Facilitation Workshop

Nick Payne is a Graphic Facilitator and Recorder who, for ten years, has been fortunate enough to travel the world using live graphics as a tool for facilitation, education & presentation.
Nick will take you on a journey through visual language and live graphics.

This is not a ‘this is how you do it…’ workshop (though there may be a some);
This is not a tips and tricks workshop (though there will probably be some);
This is not a learn-to-draw workshop (though might be a little);
THIS IS an opportunity to plunge into the refreshing waters of visual language and rediscover your inner visual thinker.

Top reasons to attend
Improve your presentations, meetings or training sessions through live graphics.
Join an enjoyable, stimulating and rewarding workshop.

Important facts to consider


Contact at: conferinte@agora.ro